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  1. Value and enum types technology sample
  2. Although i suspect it will never actually happen , it would be exciting to have psyco - type technology integrated into some future version of python itself
  3. The surface treatment equipment adopted by the company is also a new research result inside china . with new type technologies , it has overcome the shortcomings of environment pollution of traditional surface treatment technologies
  4. The technology of advanced company ' s transfer adopts the advanced type technology of injecting with people , on traditional processing metal powder suppresses the foundation of modelling technology , produce the high proportion alloy product of each kind of type of environmental protection
  5. During the first several years of his career at adobe , he contributed to a variety of the company s technologies and product lines including adobe postscript , adobe illustrator software , fonts , and type technologies and was an early technical advocate for globalization issues
    在adobe工作的最初幾年中,他幫助公司開發了許多技術和產品系列,這包括adobe postscript adobe illustrator軟件及字體字型技術;他還曾經是關注全球化問題的早期技術倡導者。


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