ultimate stress中文

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  • ultimate:    adj. 1.最后的,最終的,極限的 ...
  • stress:    n. 1.壓力,壓迫,緊迫,緊張。 ...
  • stress ultimate:    stress極限應力
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  1. Calculation methods for the ultimate stress and effective height of external prestressing tendons
  2. Relations between the fractal dimensions of tensile fractures and the tensile ultimate stresses for the grain composite material caco3 abs
  3. Measures in force per unit area [ i . e . pounds per square inch ( psi ) ] the ultimate stress that can be withstood by a material in tension prior to failure
    在出現問題前材料單位面積所能承受的極限拉力,例如:磅每平方英寸( psi ) 。
  4. An important step in structure design is the calculation of the ultimate flexural strength of external prestressed concrete beams , which needs to calculate the ultimate stress increment of external tendons first
  5. At last , the effect of the steel yield strenth , the yield - to - ultimate stress ratio , the shape and size of the access hole is researched . in conclusion , the finite - elenent model and the program adoped in this paper can well similate the response of beam - to - cloumn connections uder cyclic load


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