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  1. We have conquered the uter space , but not our inner space
  2. Comp - uter system engineering undertaking department engaged in computer software and hardware dev - elopment and system integration project , act as agent the business , such as imported product , etc mainly
  3. Abstract : group technology is introduced in the developing proc ess of high - power laser system for the first time . as an example , on the basis of the spatial filter , it is demonstrated the needs and feasibility of group design in the developing process of high - power laser system , and the composing of comp uter aided group design ( gt - cad ) system is discussed and how to put it into pra ctice in the high - power laser system
    文摘:在高功率激光裝置研制中首次引入成組技術概念,并以空間濾波器為例論證了在高功率激光裝置的器件研制過程中實施成組設計的必要性和可行性.最后討論了計算機輔助成組設計系統( gt - cad )的組成和在高功率激光裝置中具體實施過程
  4. By the means of the supply chain management theory and on the basis of different evaluative model analyses , this thesis treats the retailing supply chain as the research target , and build up the frame structure of information system for performance evaluation , which can evaluate the supply chain timely and successively . moreover , finally the thesis carrys on some function of this system by the use of the comp uter


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