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  1. Flow controlled can be adjusted as per people ' s vital capacity and labor intensity
  2. Forced vital capacity ( fvc ) increased a bit in 7d and decreased a bit in 2id , but had not a prominent change
    用力肺活量( fvc )在懸吊7d略有增加,在21d略有降低,但均無統計學差別。
  3. If specific value of stained and all of seed plumule is greater than 2 / 3 , we take it to be a vital capacity the seed
    如果染色部分與整個種胚的面積比大于2 / 3 ,就認為此拉種子是有活力的。
  4. The researchers used forced expiratory volume in 1 second ( fev1 ) and forced vital capacity ( fvc ) as a percentage of predicted value ( fvcpp ) as indicators of lung function
    研究者用用力第一秒呼氣量( fev1 )和用力肺活量( fvc )和其預期值的百分比( fvcpp )作為肺功能衡量指標。
  5. Conclusion vital capacity can be well predicted with the model of height , chest circumference and sitting - height and the model of age mid weight among the children aged 7 - 18
    結論由身高、胸圍和坐高建立的模型和由年齡、體重建立的模型,可分別準確地推測7 ~ 8歲學生肺活量、肺通氣量。


  1. the maximum amount of air that can be exhaled after a maximum inhalation (usually tested with a spirometer); used to determine the condition of lung tissue


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