wetting layer中文

發音:   用"wetting layer"造句
  • wet:    adj. (opp. dry ) 1 ...
  • layer:    n. 1.放置者,鋪設者,計劃者。 ...
  • wetting:    變濕; 不干; 調濕; 焊料浸潤; ...
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  1. The wet layer of film shall be immediately measured with a wet film thickness gauge after the paint is applied
  2. The exciton - phonon coupling in cdse qds and its wetting layer were investigated by pl dependent of temperature
  3. ( 2 ) . inas quantum dots and wetting layer were studied and compared by using photoluminescence and time - resolved spectrum . luminescent mechanics model of inas quantum dots and wetting layer were presented , and it explained our results well
    ( 2 )采用光致發光譜及時間分辨譜對inas量子點及浸潤層的發光性質開展研究和對比,提出單層inas量子點和浸潤層發光的機理模型,較好地解釋了實驗結果。


    In experimental physics, a wetting layer is an initial layer of atoms that is epitaxially grown on a surface upon which self-assembled quantum dots or thin films are created. The atoms composing a wetting layer can be semimetallic elements/compounds (usually InAs in the case of self-assembled quantum dots) or metallic alloys (for thin films).


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