with a bit of luck的中文翻譯

讀音:   用"with a bit of luck"造句
  • 擁有那麼一點運氣


  1. Once you have booted with the install cd , with a bit of luck it should have recognized your drive
  2. " we are one of four , five , six teams who could win it , with a bit of luck , you ca n ' t be unlucky with injuries
    談到世界杯英格蘭隊的前景,埃里克森仍然是雄心萬丈: “我們是4到6支具備奪冠能力球隊中的一支,當然這奪冠需要一點運氣。
  3. With the new signings jose mourinho has made this summer , i feel that we have an even stronger squad , and hopefully with a bit of luck on our side , we can win one of the biggest trophies in club football
  4. Angel did those calculations before he came up with the basic design of the gmt , and he figures that with a bit of luck and some technical wizardry , it may be able to pick evidence of an earth - like world out of the glare of its star


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