• about英語什麽意思adv.1.大約,差不多;前后,左右。 About a mile 大約一英里。 That's about right. 大致不差。 That's about (the size of) it. 就是那么一回事;大概如此。 It is about finished 差不多要完成[終結]。2.周圍,四面;到處。 Look about 四顧。3.活動;盛行,到處散布,傳布。 The news is going about. 消息正在傳開。4.繞著,圍著,倒轉,掉轉。 Round about 掉轉,回頭,倒過來。 Face about (使)轉過來。 Put the ship about 把船倒過頭來。 The wrong way about 相反,倒轉過來。5.附近;〔古語〕周圍。 Is the manager about 經理在嗎? There is no one about. 附近無人。 A mile about 周圍一英里。6.〔接帶 to 的不定式〕將要。1.在…周圍。 About the neck 繞著脖子,圍在頸上。2.在…附近,在…身邊,手頭。 Somewhere about here 在此地附近。 I have no money about me. 我身邊無錢。3.前后,左右;大概。 About noon 正午前后。4.對于,關于。 Talk about sb. 談論某人。 He is most particular about being conscientious. 他最講究認真。5.從事于。短語和例子adj.〔用作表語〕傳播,流行。Rumour is about. 謠言紛紛。 About and about 〔美俚〕差不多,大致相同。 (Right) about face 〔美國〕向后轉! About turn 〔英國〕向后轉。 Be about 1. 起來;活動;動手,做事 (Butterflies are about early this year. 今年蝴蝶活動得早。 He is not yet (up and) about . 他還沒有起來,還未動手。 Mind what you are about! 當心!注意!)2.散布,傳播,流行。Be about to 準備,將要,正打算 (He is about to speak. 他正打算說話)。 Go about 1. 正要,將要。 2. 使(船)掉頭。 Go a long way about 繞很多路。 Much about 幾乎。 Out and about 從事日常工作,(病后等)起來做事。 Set about 動手,著手。 Take turns about 輪流。 Turn and turn about 交互。
  • about法語什麽意思:aboutm.接合;端面;連接端;榫頭about fileté螺紋接頭about recouvert搭接about troum.連接孔


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