• as英語什麽意思adv.(同…)一樣…;同樣〔在此是指 as… as… 結構中的第一個 as, 它在主句中為指示副詞,第二個 as (在子句中)和第一個 as 相關聯,故轉為連接詞(見連接詞各條)。 第二個 as 引導的子句,可省略一部或全部,包括 as 本身〕。 It is as white as snow (is white). 它白得像雪一樣。 She is as wise as (she is) fair. 她的聰明比得上她的美貌。 He is as clever ( as you). 他(跟你)一樣聰明。 I can do it as well ( as they). (跟他們一樣)這件事我也能做。 I have as many [much]. 我也有這許多。 He did the work in two hours, but it took me as many days. 他兩小時做完這件工作,可是我要兩天功夫才做完。1.〔此處指 as…as 結構中的第二個 as, 它與第一個 as 相關而表示比較〕同…(一樣…)。 I am as tall as you. 我和你一般高。 Mother loves her as dearly as (she loves) him. 母親對她和他都一樣疼愛。 Mother loves her as dearly as he. 母親和他都同樣疼愛她。2.〔反面比較時現在常說作 not so…as 而少說 not as…as, 但在 n't 后仍常說 as…as〕不如…那樣…。 Belgium is not so large as France. 比利時沒有法國那么大。 He doesn't work as hard as you. 他工作沒有你那樣努力。3.〔表示方式、程度、情況等〕如同;像;按照。 I work as others do. 我跟別人一樣工作。 Do as ( = according as ) you are told. 叫你怎樣做就怎樣做。 They will improve as they grow older. 他們年紀大一些,進步也就快一些。 I remember it as it were but yesterday. 我想起這件事就彷佛是昨天發生的事一樣。 Two is to three as (= what) four is to six. 二比三等于四比六。 Parks are to the city as lungs are to the body. 公園對于都市正如肺臟對于身體一樣。 China as she was fifty years ago. 五十年前的中國。4.〔as…, so … 的結構,也表示同等程度的對比關系,但書面語色彩比較濃厚〕正如…一樣。 As you like music, so I like poetry. 正像你喜歡音樂一樣,我喜歡詩歌。 As two is to three, (so) four is to six. 四比六等于二比三。 As a man lives, so he dies. 人有生也就有死。5.〔時間〕當…時;一邊…一邊…。 He came up as I was speaking. 我正在說話,他就來了。 I read the book as I went along. 我邊走邊讀。6.〔原因〕因為〔語氣比 because 或 for 輕〕;既然〔語氣比 since 輕〕。 As I am ill, I won't go. 我有病,不去了。7.〔讓步〕雖然,盡管〔詞序倒裝。語氣比 though 強〕。 Successful as he is, he is not proud. 他雖成功,卻不驕傲。8.〔結果、目的〕以致,以便。He so arranged matters as to suit everyone. 他把事情安排得人人滿意。1.作為;以…身分。 Language, as a means of intercourse 作為交際工具的語言。 All hearts beat as one. 大家一條心。 I have come here as a journalist. 我是以記者身分到這里來的。2.當作〔用在某些及物動詞之后〕 I look upon him as a guest. 我把他當作客人看待。 He treats me as a child. 他把我當作小孩對待。3.例如(= for instance)。短語和例子1.〔與 such, the same, as 連用〕。 Such men as do you harm 危害你的那些人們。 The same book as you have 像你所有的同樣書籍。 As many children as came 所有來的孩子們。2.那是(由)…(知道)的。短語和例子n.(pl. asses ) 阿斯〔1.古羅馬銅幣。2.古羅馬重量單位,約327.4克〕。
  • as法語什麽意思:音標:as: [aεs]as: [as]動詞變位提示:as是avoir的變位形式n.m. (骰子,牌的)一點,幺;(撲克的)a;(賽馬彩票的)第一;好手,能手,佼佼者;專業辭典【化學】元素砷(arsenic)的符號n.m.【史】阿斯(古羅馬的重量、貨幣及度量單位)asm.能工巧匠asef.酶ase fétidef.阿魏膠近義詞aigle, champion, crack, maître, phénix, virtuose


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