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  • be英語什麽意思短語和例子1.Bachelor of Engineering 工學士。2.Bachelor of Economics 經濟學士。3.Bachelor of Education 教育學士。4.Bank of England (英國)英格蘭銀行。5.bill of exchange 匯票。vi.1.有…存在,生存。 Can such things be? 會有這樣的事嗎? There is no water in the vase. 瓶里沒有水。 There are seven of us. 我們有七個人。 I think, therefore I am. 我思故我在〔唯心主義哲學的一種說法〕。 Churchill is no more. 邱吉爾已經不在人世。 To be, or not to be: that is the question. 活還是死,是個要考慮的問題。2.發生,產生,舉行。 The accident was last week. 事故是上周發生的。 When is the wedding to be 婚禮何時舉行? 3. 在;逗留;到達,來到。 The book is on the desk. 書在桌子上。 He is in London. 他在倫敦。 Will you be here long 你在這里待得久嗎? Has anybody been here 有人來過嗎?4.聽任(保持原狀)。 Let it be. 隨它去。 Let her be. 由她去,不要管她。5.屬于;伴隨;降臨〔用于祈使語氣〕。 May good fortune be with you. 祝你順利。 Woe be to you! 愿你倒霉〔詛咒語〕! 6. 是…〔表示性質、狀態等〕。 Iron is hard. 鐵是硬的。 I am a pupil. 我是小學生。7.是;值;等于〔表示時間、度量、價值等〕。短語和例子★以上 6. 7. 兩項釋義用于連接述語稱為連系動詞 (linking verb) 或系詞 (copula). 8. 做;成為,變成。 〔多用命令語氣或不定式〕 Be prudent. 要謹慎小心。 Be a pupil before you become a teacher. 先做學生,然后再做先生。 To be subjective means not to look at problems objectively. 所謂主觀性,就是不知道客觀地看問題。 John wants to be a poet. 約翰想成為詩人。1.〔be+及物動詞的過去分詞構成被動語態〕。 We were awarded the first prize. 我們獲得了一等獎。 I was scolded by Father. 我被父親罵了。2.〔be +come, go 等不及物動詞的過去分詞構成完成時〕。 Spring is come. 春天來了。 His health was broken. 他的身體垮了。 I am finished. 我完了。3.〔be +現在分詞構成進行時〕。 I was walking in the park at the time. 當時我正在公園里散步。 The ship is being built. 船正在建造中。4.〔be +有 to 的不定式,表示約定、計劃、職責、義務、愿望、可能、命運等〕。 He is to see me today. 他今天要來看我。 The book is to come. 書就會來的。 They are to be married in May. 他們預定在五月結婚。 You are not to do that. 你不該做那件事。 They knew that their love was to be eternal. 他們深信彼此將永遠相愛。 He was never to see his wife again. 他此后就再沒有和妻子見面了〔多用過去式〕。5.〔were +帶 to 的不定式,表示虛擬的假定〕。短語和例子
  • be法語什麽意思:專業辭典【化學】元素鈹(béryllium)的符號
  • be俄語什麽意思:佛歷


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