• each英語什麽意思adj.各,各自的,每。 each man 各人。 each side of the river 河的兩邊。pron.每,各,各自。 E- (of us) has his likes and dislikes. 各有各的好惡。 We each know what the other wants. 我們彼此都知道各自的要求。 From each according to his ability and to each according to his work [needs]. 各盡所能,按勞[需]分配。adv.各個地。 These books cost one dollar each. 這些書每本的價錢一美元。 bet each way 【賽馬】賭兩門。 each and all 大家都,統統。 each and every 每個都,人人都。 each other 互相,彼此 (They help each other. 他們互相幫助)。 on each occasion 每次。


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