• give英語什麽意思vt.(gave; given; giving)1.送給,給。 I gave the boy a book. I gave a book to the boy. 我給男孩一本書。2.授予,賦予,賜予(地位、頭銜、名譽等)。 The law gives citizens the right to vote. 該法律給公民選舉的權利。 be given the title of 被授予…稱號。 G- a rogue rope enough and he will hang himself. 〔諺語〕壞人必自取滅亡。3.作出;舉出;顯示出;載入;提出,表示出。 give an account of 說明。 give examples 舉例。 give a guess 猜一猜。 give a suggestion 提出建議,建議。 give a try 試一試。 give signs of an illness 顯示出病兆。 This word is not given in the dictionary. 這個詞沒有載入詞典。 The thermometer gives 30° in the shade. 在陰涼處溫度計上是攝氏三十度。 gave him her confidence 向他表示她的信任。4.致(謝),轉達(問候),賀(喜);提議為…干杯。 give thanks 感謝,致以感謝。 G- my love [compliments, regards] to your mother. 請問候你的母親。 I give you joy. 恭喜恭喜。 I('ll) give you Mr. X. 為恭賀X先生干杯吧。5.交付;委托;讓出;嫁出。 give the porter one's bag to carry 把包交給搬行李工人提。 give a daughter in marriage 把女兒嫁出去。6.賣與;交換。 I will give it for 5 dollars. 五塊錢我就賣。 I will give 5 dollars for it. 我出五塊錢買。7.獻身于,致力于。 give one's mind to a matter 為某件事費心。 give one's life to study 為學問而獻身。8.產生,得出;發,生;引起。 Trees give fruit. 樹結果子。 Cows give milk 奶牛產奶。 4 divided by 2 gives 2. 二除四得二。9.說,宣告;發出。 Judgment was given against the plaintiff. 作出原告敗訴的裁決。 give a cry 喊叫,大叫一聲。 give orders 發出命令。 The umpire gave him out. 裁判員宣告他出界。 The sun gives lights. 太陽發出光。10.作為…的源泉[來源];給(病人)服(藥);把(病)傳染給;為…生子女;使…生子女。 give pleasure 帶來歡樂。 You have given me your cold. 你把傷風傳染給我了。 She gave him four sons. 她給他生了四個兒子。 He gave her two daughters. 他使她生了兩個女兒。11.舉行,主辦(音樂會、宴會);演出。12.施以(懲罰);把…強加于。13.完成(一次具體的動作或努力)give a kick [kiss, sly look, jump] 踢[吻、睨視、跳]。14.假定,假想〔主用過去分詞〕。 Given health, I can finish the work. 若是身體好,我可以完成那項工作。15.被認為是,被歸于。 The pamphlet has been given to his pen. 據說這冊子是他寫的。16.規定,限定;指定。 He gave us Sunday as our day of meeting. 他指定星期日為我們的集會日。17.使接觸到…;使能夠…;使可見…。 give sb. to understand sth. 使某人理解某事。 The window gives the meadow. 隔窗可見草地。18.犧牲,失去。 She gave one eye in the accident. 她在事故中失去一只眼睛。19.為…把電話接到…。 G- me the service desk, please. 請接服務臺。20.介紹。 Ladies and gentleman, I give you the Governor of Washington. 女士們,先生們,我請華盛頓州州長和諸位見面。21.描述。 give the scenery of London 描述倫敦風光。vi.1.捐助,贈送。 give generously to charity 慷慨捐助。2.(色)褪,(天氣)變暖和;(冰等)融解。 The winter is giving. 冬天(的寒冷)漸漸和緩了。 The frost did not give all day. 霜終日不化。3.投降,屈服,讓步。 The Iron Army never gives. “鐵軍”永不退卻。4.(地等受壓力)坍下,凹下;(木器等)彎曲;(沙發等)有彈性;(螺釘等)松動。 The foundations are giving. 地基陷下去了。 This sofa gives comfortably. 這張沙發的彈性好,坐起來舒服。 His knees gave. 他癱了。5.干縮,濕壞。6.面向,通達。 a wicket giving into an avenue 通到林蔭路的小門。7.〔美俚〕發生,進行。 He demanded to know what gave. 〔美俚〕他要求知道發生了什么。8.適應,順應。短語和例子n.1.彈性;可彎性;可讓性。2.(精神、性格等的)適應性。3.給予。短語和例子


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