a bright world的中文翻譯

發音:   用"a bright world"造句
  • 世界青年說
  • bright:    bright 亮的 bright s ...
  • bright:    bright亮的bright sto ...
  • bobby bright:    博比·布萊特


  1. This eerie introduction soon gives way to a bright world of drama and black comedy.
  2. User : has repeatedly removed or added false information the the articles Informal Talks and A Bright World.
  3. The film was primarily set in a bright world of ice and sunlight, an unconventional approach to the murder mystery genre.
  4.  What we are witnessing is music that dares simply to exist, shining like the sun, allowing us to bask in its warmth & The first part of the tetralogy, the Way to Olympus, is stunning & Artyomov s On the Threshold of a Bright World is even more rare  it is a work of genius &  " ( Octavio Roca .  The Washington Times, September 24, 1990 ) ".


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