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  1. The Computron was a complex cathode ray tube while the Additron was a triode with multiple grids and targets.
  2. The Additron Tube design by Josef Kates gated electron beams of a fixed trajectory with several control grids which either passed or blocked a current.
  3. After filing for a patent for the additron tube, Rogers Majestic pushed Kates to create a device to showcase the tube to potential buyers.
  4. The Additron neither went into production at the Canadian Rogers Vacuum Tube Company, where the prototypes were built, nor was it used in the UTEC machine.
  5. Kates built the game to showcase his additron tube, a miniature version of the vacuum tube, though the transistor overtook it in computer development shortly thereafter.
  6. The additron-based computer, labeled as " Bertie the Brain " and subtitled " The Electronic Wonder by Rogers Majestic ", was a success at the two-week exhibition, with attendees lining up to play it.
  7. Patent issues prevented the additron tube from being used in computers besides " Bertie " before it was no longer useful . " Bertie the Brain " is a candidate for the first video game, as it was potentially the first computer game to have any sort of visual display of the game.


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