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  1. Aeroscope was the first successful hand-held operated film camera.
  2. This made it possible to film with the Aeroscope in difficult circumstances including military purposes.
  3. "Aeroscope " magazine is the official publication of PATTS College of Aeronautics.
  4. The Aeroscope was built and patented in England in the period 1909-1911 by Polish inventor Kazimierz Pr髎zyDski.
  5. However, even by the beginning of World War II, some of the improved Aeroscope cameras were in use by the British combat cameramen.
  6. Still, there are archival photographs of Aeroscope cameras being pumped by British combat cameramen as late as in 1940, at the beginning of World War II.
  7. Filming with Aeroscope the cameraman did not have to turn the crank, as in all cameras of that time, so he had both hands on the camera to operate.
  8. At the beginning of the 20th century, he was active in France and England as an inventor and producer of the Aeroscope ( 1909 ) camera, powered by compressed air.
  9. "' Kazimierz Pr髎zyDski "'( 4 April 1875  13 March 1945 ), born in Warsaw, Gaumont company, as well as invent the widely used hand-held Aeroscope camera.
  10. Hundreds of light and relatively compact Aeroscope cameras were used by British Army combat cameramen on the battlefields of World War I and later by newsreel cameramen until the late 1920s, when more modern spring cameras like Eyemo and later Bolex took over.


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