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航空事故調查局 (英國)
  • air:    音標:[εr] n.m. 1.大氣; ...
  • investigation:    音標:[ɛ̃vεstigasjɔ̃] ...
  • branch:    branch davidians 大 ...


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  1. The Air Accidents Investigation Branch also is investigating the crash.
  2. An investigation by the UK's Air Accident Investigation Branch is ongoing.
  3. The government's Air Accidents Investigation Branch said it would conduct an inquiry.
  4. Air Accident Investigation Branch inspectors were expected to arrive Thursday, a spokesman said.
  5. The Air Accidents Investigation Branch opened an investigation.
  6. Police and Air Accident Investigation Branch investigations will be held, said Inspector Steve Love.
  7. Air Accident Investigation Branch officials are investigating how the accident occurred, the spokeswoman said.
  8. An investigation will be conducted by the Department of Transport's Air Accident Investigation Branch.
  9. Officials from the Air Accident Investigation Branch were en route to the crash scene, police said.
  10. The Air Accidents Investigation Branch was at the scene and the highway was closed in both directions.


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