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越南航空 (越南共和國)


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  1. A former Air Vietnam hostess spotted the letters before the communists did.
  2. "The Air Vietnam office was mobbed,"
  3. It established an airline under Head of State B?o ?i named Air Vietnam.
  4. But sources said airport workers were told to expect the arrival of the Air Vietnam plane in Puerto Princesa early Monday.
  5. In 1957 there was a commercial flight 5 days a week from Saigon to Dalat operated by Air Vietnam utilising a Douglas DC-3.
  6. ;1 May 1969 : An Air Vietnam C-54B ( registration F-BELL ) burned out on the ground at Saigon Airport.
  7. An Air Vietnam plane flew home 202 Vietnamese asylum-seekers Tuesday and officials said another 500 also would leave the Philippines voluntarily in the coming weeks.
  8. An aircraft of Air Vietnam, the South Vietnamese airline, was abandoned at Taipei Songshan Airport and eventually became the property of a Taiwan-based airline.
  9. Some of them were to be flown to Ho Chi Minh city early Monday but a scheduled Air Vietnam flight failed to arrive without any explanation from Vietnamese authorities.
  10. At least 148, including women and children, were forcibly placed by soldiers in barracks last week and were to be flown home Wednesday by an Air Vietnam plane.


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