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  1. Another later Manchu translation was made by Aisin Gioro Qiying.
  2. Aisin Gioro women were offered to Mongols who defected to the Manchus.
  3. Manchu Aisin Gioro princesses were also married to Han Chinese official's sons.
  4. "' Aisin Gioro "'is the imperial clan of Heilongjiang Province.
  5. Born in the Aisin Gioro clan, he was the eldest son of the Qianlong Emperor.
  6. Nikan was the name of one the Aisin Gioro Princes and grandsons of Nurhaci who supported Prince Dorgon.
  7. Similar opinions were publicly voiced by at least one other Aisin Gioro descendant, Puyang ( hg ).
  8. The new cabinet system consisted of members from the Aisin Gioro clan, making it more nepotistic than before.
  9. Nurhaci was part of the Aisin Gioro clan, and reigned from 1616 to his death in September 1626.
  10. Jin's elder brothers lost most of the Aisin Gioro family fortune in 1948 after the Chinese Civil War.


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