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發音:   用"albert city"造句
  • 艾伯特城 (愛荷華州)
  • albert:    艾伯特 阿爾伯特親王
  • city:    倫敦城 西堤區
  • albert:    艾伯特阿爾伯特親王


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  1. Kirkby was first elected to Prince Albert City Council as an alderman in October 1985.
  2. Albert City was incorporated in 1900.
  3. Albert City-Truesdale joined the league from the Twin Lakes to keep membership at 14.
  4. Albert City-Truesdale and Sioux Central left the league to help found the Northwest Conference.
  5. In 1986, Russell turned his attention to municipal politics and ran for St . Albert City Council.
  6. Allred was first elected to St . Albert City Council in 1980, and was re-elected in 1983.
  7. After nearly a decade of stability and 1A basketball dominance, the conference lost one school, Albert City-Truesdale, in 2004.
  8. Three men were seen later in Fort Madison, while the dead gunman was buried in an unnamed grave in Fairfield Cemetery in Albert City.
  9. As the defeated Conservative candidate for Prince Albert City, he was given charge of political patronage there, and was created a King's Counsel.
  10. The town of Albert City and the local historical society purchased the depot and moved it to its present location next to the historical society's museum.


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