發音:   用"ambitle"造句


  1. Ambitle is a stratovolcano, reaching 450 meters ( 1, 476 feet ) above sea level.
  2. The "'Feni Islands "'are an island group in Papua New Guinea, located east of Ambitle, the other island is Babase Island.
  3. Also part of the province are numerous smaller islands, including Saint Matthias Group ( Lihir, Tanga Group ( Malendok, Boang ), Feni Islands ( Ambitle, Babase ) and Anir.
  4. And among vents, few could be worse than those in the shallow waters of Tutum Bay, off Ambitle Island in Papua New Guinea, which produce the highest concentrations of arsenic found in any marine setting.
  5. ""'Burkholderia insulsa " "'is a Gram-negative, acidophilic, rod-shaped, arsenic-tolerant and aerobic bacterium from the genus of " Burkholderia " which has been isolated from the Ambitle Island on Papua New Guinea.


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