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  1. Then methionine aminopeptidase ( MAP ) removes the residue from the chain.
  2. The methionine residue can be further removed by the enzyme methionine aminopeptidase.
  3. It does not inhibit arginyl aminopeptidase ( aminopeptidase B ).
  4. It does not inhibit arginyl aminopeptidase ( aminopeptidase B ).
  5. Aminopeptidase is active in the anterior and posterior midgut regions before and after feeding.
  6. Oxytocin is known to be metabolized by the oxytocinase, leucyl / cystinyl aminopeptidase.
  7. Mature AM is degraded by the aminopeptidase neprilysin.
  8. Aminopeptidase N ( CD13 / APN ) is highly expressed on the endothelium of growing vessels.
  9. One important aminopeptidase is a zinc-dependent enzyme produced and secreted by glands of the small intestine.
  10. Some advanced studies have shown a high homology between the Aminopeptidase N and the Angiotensin-converting enzyme.


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