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  • ar:    專業辭典 【化學】元素氬(argon ...
  • ar:    專業辭典【化學】元素氬(argon) ...
  • ar cassiopeiae:    螣蛇十四


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  1. It is located between the cities of Daraa in Syria and Ar Ramtha in Jordan.
  2. The Eastern Command commands regional units from Ar Ramtha and Mafraq to the Iraqi border with some units based in Zarqa.
  3. The Northern Command commands regional units from Um Qais in Irbid to the Zarqa River south of Jerash, with a presence in Ar Ramtha.
  4. On 21 September the Syrian 5th Division broke through the defenses of the Jordanian 40th Armoured Brigade, and pushed it back off the Ar Ramtha crossroads.
  5. The university campus is located in Ar Ramtha, 70 km north of Amman, the capital, and 20 km east of Irbid, the second largest city in Jordan.
  6. The Jordan Research and Training Reactor, which was inaugurated in December 2016, is a 5MW training reactor located in the Jordan University of Science and Technology in Ar Ramtha.


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