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  • 垃圾箱畫派
  • ash:    灰 (消歧義)
  • can:    can(n)amelle f. (俗 ...
  • can:    can(n)amellef.(俗)甘 ...


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  1. Her translation incorporated elements of the Ash Can School and American Scene painting and Social Realism.
  2. John Sloan and George Bellows of the Ash Can School Edward Hopper John Singer Sargent James McNeil Whistler Edgar Degas Frank Duveneck
  3. The permanent collection includes colonial portraits, works from the Hudson River School, American Impressionists and the Ash Can School.
  4. So far his collection ranges from mid 19th-century landscapes through the Ash Can school of the early 20th-century.
  5. Here is something they did teach him there : Artists start schools of thought, like Bauhaus, the Ash Can School and Dada.
  6. She was one of the women artists of the Ash Can School, several of who also studied with Robert Henri, like Bessie Marsh.
  7. In 1938, Hirschl opened his own art gallery in Manhattan, specializing in 19th-century American paintings, particularly the Hudson River and Ash Can Schools.
  8. He has released three solo records since 1990 . in addition to recording his own music, he has played with several side projects, including Ash Can School.
  9. They state that their interest in artists'portraits dates from their sale, in the early 1980s, of a portrait of Ash Can School painter Robert Henri by pictorialist photographer Gertrude Kasebier.
  10. New to the collection, though, is a painting by Philip Reisman ( 1904-1992 ), an artist who studied with the Ash Can School artist John Sloan, and took his Social Realism seriously.


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