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  1. There are two no access, no fishing zones on Asinara Island.
  2. The island also harbors several rarely seen species, including the white Asinara donkey.
  3. In 1997 Asinara was established as a National Park, and is now a nature reserve.
  4. From there, she proceeded to Asinara Bay for amphibious exercises on 30 September and 1 October.
  5. He was also one of the Ethiopian POWs during the Second Italo-Ethiopian War at Asinara.
  6. As an extension of the larger island, Asinara is the second largest island after Sant'Antioco.
  7. Because of its central position in the Mediterranean, Asinara was known and used by Phoenicians, Romans.
  8. Since 1999, tourists have been able to visit Asinara Island, but only through organized and guided tours.
  9. Banished from Sicily, Torretta died on October 3, 1975, of kidney failure on the island Asinara.
  10. He was imprisoned till the assassination attempt on Graziani and was later transferred to the Asinara island prison after the attempt.


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