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  • 百濟


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  1. In 528, Baekje officially adopted Buddhism as its state religion.
  2. Baekje maintained a close relationship with and extracted tribute from Tamna.
  3. Baekje's religious and artistic culture influenced Goguryeo and Silla.
  4. King Jun ruled Mahan, which was eventually annexed by Baekje.
  5. The prophecy came true when Silla defeated Baekje in their war.
  6. He joined forces with the Baekje resistance led by general Boksin.
  7. The Baekje kingdom finally fell to Silla-Tang in 660.
  8. Buyeo Pung fled to Goguryeo, ending the Baekje resistance movement.
  9. Baekje assimilated diverse influences and expressed its derivation from Chinese models.
  10. Also characteristic of Baekje architecture is its use of curvilinear designs.


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