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  • 博比·布萊特


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  1. Mayor Bobby Bright proclaimed Dec . 1 Rosa Parks Day.
  2. Twoddle & Boddle ( Laurie Allen and Bobby Bright, aka Bobby & Laurie of The Go !!
  3. Montgomery Mayor Bobby Bright said Malvo's fingerprint was found at the scene on a magazine about weapons.
  4. "Old line politics is over with, " attorney Bobby Bright said after winning the mayoral runoff Tuesday.
  5. According to Montgomery Mayor Bobby Bright, police found Malvo's fingerprint at the Alabama scene on a magazine about weapons.
  6. Dubina's daughter, Martha Roby, was elected from Alabama ( AL-2 ) defeating incumbent congressman Bobby Bright.
  7. Roby challenged incumbent Democratic U . S . Congressman and former Montgomery Mayor Bobby Bright in Alabama's 2nd congressional district.
  8. The same black precincts that turned out heavily for new Mayor Bobby Bright also replaced the city council's four black incumbents.
  9. His fingerprint was found at the scene of an Alabama robbery, on a magazine about weapons, according to Montgomery Mayor Bobby Bright.
  10. Montgomery Mayor Bobby Bright said the person who called the tip line apparently claimed responsibility for both the sniper shootings and the liquor store robbery.


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