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  • body:    音標:[bɔdi] n.m. 緊身連 ...
  • area:    aréa 專業辭典 n.f 【生物學 ...
  • network:    network m. 網[絡、路]


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  1. However, it seems that the site is always redirected to Body Area Network while I am editing the page, and it has been deleted subsequently.
  2. Since 2009 he has extended his research in wireless access and localization to the body area networks ( BAN ), where he is considered as the forefather of BANs.
  3. Paradiso's research focuses include ubiquitous computing, embedded systems, sensor networks, wearable and body area networks, energy harvesting and power management for embedded sensors, and interactive media.
  4. Body Sensor Network ( BSN ) refers to both the infrastructure and applications of the network, just similar to Wireless Sensor Network ( WSN ), while Body Area Network ( BAN ) refers to only the network infrastructure similar to Local Area Network ( LAN ) or Personal Area Network ( PAN ).
  5. His research focuses on Internet of Things, Machine to Machine Communications, Body Area Networks, Body Sensor Networks, E-healthcare, Mobile Cloud Computing, Cloud-Assisted Mobile Computing, Ubiquitous Network and Services, Mobile Agent, and Multimedia Transmission over Wireless Network, etc . He is an IEEE Senior Member since 2009.
  6. Cem Ersoy has more than 50 journal articles in following topics : ubiquitous computing, urban participatory sensing, opportunistic / collaborative sensing, body area networks, applied information processing for ambient intelligence, wireless healthcare applications, border surveillance sensor networks, wireless ad hoc and sensor networks, performance evaluation of networks, topological design and optimization, green networking.
  7. The section seeks high-quality papers reporting new concepts, analyses and experimental results in areas including : network architectures and protocols, traffic engineering, resource management and quality of service, network monitoring and traffic measurements, wireless networks, personal and body area networks, vehicular networks, content and service-centric networking, energy efficient / green networking, opportunistic and cognitive networks, and networking in extreme / harsh environments.


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