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  • body:    音標:[bɔdi] n.m. 緊身連 ...
  • body:    音標:[bɔdi]n.m. 緊身連衣 ...
  • body count:    斃敵數陣亡數


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  1. The film has elements of dark comedy and body horror.
  2. She portrayed recently Nina in the body horror film " Excess Flesh ".
  3. The story features strong body horror.
  4. Chimericana Books publishes anthologies, collections and novels that deal subjects of body horror and sexual exploration.
  5. He is often likened to Canadian director David Cronenberg due to his unflinching eye for Body Horror.
  6. Xavier Gens, a director associated with the New French Extremity, has loosely situated his work within the body horror tradition.
  7. The series, an apocalyptic blend of political intrigue and body horror, was nominated for the 2013 Ghastly Award for Best Web Comic.
  8. Graphic violence and body horror are uncommon in the Slender Man mythos, with many narratives choosing to leave the fate of his victims obscure.
  9. Other films, such as " The Machine Girl " and " Tokyo Gore Police ", combine elements of chambara with body horror.
  10. On 22 June 2016, Vice Media's electronic music channel Thump premiered " Body Horror, " Yung Gud's first original track in two years.


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