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  • branch:    branch davidians 大 ...
  • cut:    cut back 稀釋瀝青 cut ...
  • branch:    branch davidians大衛 ...


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  1. Some have said they will shut more branches and cut jobs.
  2. The related branch and cut method combines the cutting plane and branch and bound methods.
  3. Mr . deGive had thoughtfully saved even the little branches and cut them into fireplace lengths.
  4. Ahmanson, meanwhile, said it would close 200 branches and cut costs by $ 400 million.
  5. For example, the branch and cut method that combines both branch and bound and cutting plane methods.
  6. The group will be able to rationalize branches and cut costs while taking capacity out of the banking sector.
  7. Because column generation does not produce integer solutions, the scheme is embedded in a Branch and Cut / Bound framework.
  8. Many of First Interstate's small business customers have fled as Wells closed branches and cut account representatives, analysts said.
  9. The company, over the next two years, plans to close or sell 20 Chicago area branches and cut 1, 500 jobs.
  10. After Bank of America absorbed Security Pacific it closed 518 branches and cut 7, 600 jobs, said company spokeswoman Shannon Sands Jones.


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