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  • 布里·特納


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  1. Nick asks Rosalee ( Bree Turner ) about the Gl黨envolk.
  2. Monroe calls Rosalee ( Bree Turner ) so they can work on a cure for Juliette and Renard.
  3. While investigating his death, Nick and Hank contact his sister Rosalee ( Bree Turner ) for help in the murder.
  4. Monroe and Hank take Rosalee ( Bree Turner ) to the trailer in an attempt to find a cure for Nick.
  5. Upon telling Monroe ( Silas Weir Mitchell ) and Rosalee ( Bree Turner ), they deduce that Daniel is a Grausen.
  6. Meanwhile, Monroe ( Silas Weir Mitchell ) and Rosalee ( Bree Turner ) are packing and preparing for their delayed honeymoon.
  7. After a debate with Rosalee ( Bree Turner ), they finally agree to woge into their respective Wesen in front of her.
  8. Monroe takes Adalind's cat to Rosalee's ( Bree Turner ) shop so they can discover what happened to the cat.
  9. Monroe ( Silas Weir Mitchell ) is called by Rosalee ( Bree Turner ) to discuss the problem with Xavier ( Robert Clendenin ).
  10. With help from Monroe and Rosalee ( Bree Turner ), Nick rescues Robin to the woods and then extracts the egg from her throat.


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