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  1. In 1979 he toured Republican venues in the North of Ireland with singer Breege Keenan.
  2. Word arrives of a fiance, Rosemary, soon to join Bugler, thereby eclipsing any idea of a future for him and Breege.
  3. At such times the narration is Faulknerian in its alliterative march toward destiny; when Breege's voice occasionally takes over, the story feels stripped-down and piercing.
  4. The fine, washed up sand forms a giant natural bathing bay, that is bordered by the villages of Glowe and Juliusruh ( a village in the municipality of Breege ).
  5. With the look and air of a dark-horse charmer, Bugler possesses the only tractor on the mountain _ and, within a matter of weeks, the heretofore-unclaimed attentions of Breege.
  6. Breege, her loyalties divided but her heart resolute, finds herself alone in the barn with Bugler for one splendid moment _ which is just long enough to change everything, forever, for them both.
  7. The Brennans'parents died when Breege was a young girl, and Joseph moved in to fill the void; his subsequent protectiveness of his sister her is only slightly mollified by his initial affection for Bugler.
  8. Sister Breege said during a recent interview that even after long hours of surgery with very little daylight left for him to fly back to base, Sir Michael Wood would always take the time to see one last patient.
  9. The feuding sons of her classical story are Mick Bugler, returning from a few years of self-exile on a sheep farm in Australia, and Joseph Brennan, the elder brother of a sheltered young woman named Breege.
  10. -- Vintage Petroleum Inc . ( VPI US ) was rated " buy " in new coverage by analyst Breege Farrell at SBC Warburg Dillon Read Inc . The 12 to 18-month target price is $ 26 per share.


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