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  1. In 2009, QB Brian Babin continued his dominance throwing for 2, 602 yards with 25 TD vs 8 INT.
  2. Born in Beaumont, Texas, Lucas attended high school in Woodville TX, where his father, Brian Babin was the town mayor.
  3. Three Republicans had announced their candidacy before knowing if Wilson would run again : Woodville dentist Brian Babin, Huntsville developer Ben Bius and Kennard builder Bob Currie.
  4. A reporter for the Lufkin Daily News was talking to Brian Babin, one of the Republican candidates for the Second Congressional District, this week when the candidate stopped him.
  5. Peter Cloeren Jr . of Orange, Texas, was the biggest supporter of Republican dentist Brian Babin in his 1996 race against Democrat Jim Turner, whom Babin is running against again this year.
  6. In 2007 as OC at SE Louisiana, he helped develop RB Jay Lucas whom ran for 1, 239 yards with 12 TD . In 2008, QB Brian Babin broke out throwing for 2, 806 yards with 25 TD vs 7 INT . RB Jay Lucas had 1, 344 yards of total offense ( 787 rushing ).
  7. The I-14 concept became a reality when House Transportation Committee members Brian Babin ( R-Texas ) and Blake Farenthold ( R-Texas ) authored and introduced the amendment to the 2015 Fixing America s Surface Transportation Act ( FAST ) Act that created the I-14 Central Texas Corridor that generally follows US 190 in Texas.
  8. Arenson, D, vs . Charlie Bass, R NEW JERSEY 1st District : Rob Andrews, D, vs . Sophia Nelson, R 2nd District : Ruth Katz, D, vs . Frank Lo Biondo, R 3rd District : John Leonardi, D, vs . James Saxton, R 4th District : Kevin Meara, D, vs . Christopher Smith, R 5th District : Bill Auer, D, vs . Marge Roukema, R 6th District : Frank Pallone, D, vs . Steven Corodemus, R 7th District : Larry Lerner, D, vs . Bob Franks, R 8th District : Bill Pascrell, D, vs . Bill Martini, R 9th District : Steve Rothman, D, vs . Kathleen Donovan, R 10th District : Donald Payne, D, vs . Vanessa Williams, R 11th District : Chris Evangel, D, vs . Rodney Frelinghuysen, R 12th District : David Delvecchio, D, vs . Mike Pappas, R 13th District : Robert Menendez, D, vs . Carlos Munoz, R NEW MEXICO 1st District : John Wertheim, D, vs . Steven Schiff, R 2nd District : Shirley Baca, D, vs . Joe Skeen, R 3rd district : Bill Richardson, D, vs . Bill Redmond, R NEW YORK 1st District : Nora Bredes, D, vs . 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