brian head的中文翻譯

發音:   用"brian head"造句
布賴恩峰 (猶他州)
  • head:    head wave 首波
  • head:    head wave首波
  • head-on:    愛無止盡


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  1. Brian Head is about three miles north of Cedar Breaks National Monument.
  2. Brian Head shot himself to death at the school in 1994.
  3. I will still be doing public speaking under Brian Head Welch.
  4. At just over long, it connects Brian Head, Cedar Breaks National Monument, and Panguitch Lake.
  5. Brian Head has the name of a government surveyor.
  6. Brian Head _ 5a usr powder 20-39 base 48 of 53 trails, 5 of 6 lifts
  7. Precipitation ranges from in the lower elevations to more than per year near Brian Head Peak.
  8. Brian Head _ 5a usr powder 24-39 base 48 of 53 trails, 5 of 6 lifts
  9. It took them four days to reach the sawmills, located near present-day Brian Head Ski Resort.
  10. It is known as Utah's Brian Head.


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