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  1. In 1998 he worked as an assistant coach with the Brisbane Bullets under head coach Brian Kerle.
  2. David Ingham took over as head coach for the 1996 and 1997 seasons, with Brian Kerle returning to the club to coach the Bullets from 1998 to 2000.
  3. Brian Kerle won his second Coach of the Year award, while new import guard Derek Rucker becoming the second Bullets player to win the NBL's MVP award.
  4. The Bullets had emerged as the league's most powerful team under Brian Kerle and again finished in first place the Newcastle Falcons by the record score of 151 103 in their Semi-final.
  5. During this period, although the club was represented throughout in all the various age-grouped competitions down to the Under 10's, coached by Denis Towers, their highly successful senior side was coached by Brian Kerle.
  6. Perth had emerged from the doldrums of previous years and were the emerging power team in the NBL . The Wildcats and new coach Cal Bruton, who had left Brisbane after a public falling out with Bullets coach Brian Kerle following the 1986 season, built a team with the aim of beating the champion 36ers.


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