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發音:   用"bt sport"造句
  • sport:    音標:[spɔr] n.m. 體育運 ...
  • bt (char):    BT坦克
  • bt group:    英國電信集團


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  1. Francis is currently working as a pundit with BT Sport.
  2. He is a regular pundit on BT Sport rugby coverage.
  3. He has since worked as a commentator for ESPN and BT Sport.
  4. Sunday noon kick-offs are sometimes broadcast on BT Sport instead.
  5. The whole match was broadcast live on national TV by BT Sport.
  6. BT Sport and Sky Sports share coverage of the European club competitions.
  7. BT Sport channels are available in SD and HD through IPTV signals.
  8. BT Sport 1 ended on DTT on 2 June 2015.
  9. In 2013 BT Sport acquired the exclusive rights to the Aviva Premiership.
  10. These matches have since moved to BT Sport who now own ESPN.


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