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  1. The BT Tower was given Grade II listed building status in 2003.
  2. It should not be confused with the much more prominent BT Tower.
  3. Caroline Flack presented from the BT Tower in London.
  4. The nearby Tinshill BT Tower dominates the skyline.
  5. The Stokenchurch Tower is one of the fourteen BT towers built of reinforced concrete.
  6. Peter Andre hosted from the BT Tower.
  7. Near the summit stands the Sutton Common BT Tower that was built during the 1960s.
  8. Sarah Jane told her that a flash of lightning that struck the BT Tower was unimportant.
  9. A Boeing 747 pilot is also made insane and crashes the aircraft into the BT Tower in London.
  10. Near the water-tower is Tinshill BT Tower ( also known as Cookridge Tower ), a prominent landmark.


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