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  • building:    n.m. 大樓,大廈,高層建筑物 近 ...
  • information:    音標:[ɛ̃fɔrmasjɔ̃] n ...
  • building:    n.m. 大樓,大廈,高層建筑物近義 ...


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  1. The focus of Cadac Group AEC is Building Information Modeling.
  2. The software can also integrate with Building Information Modeling systems.
  3. Their role in building information modeling, architecture and construction has been growing.
  4. Building information modeling extends this beyond 5D ).
  5. Digital Project competes as Building information modeling software with products like ArchiCAD and Revit.
  6. The FCI can be used in the development and usage of Building Information Modeling for existing buildings.
  7. BIM ( building information modeling ) is the system used by many construction, architectural and contracting firms.
  8. In this way, MasterFormat will eventually help facilitate Building Information Modeling ( BIM ) to contain project specifications.
  9. During the mid-2000s, Anshen and Allen adopted the use of Building Information Modeling ( BIM ).
  10. Bentley is a provider of building information modeling ( BIM ) software for the architecture, mechanical and electrical engineering disciplines.


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