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  • cake:    音標:[kεk] n.m. 繭子,胼 ...
  • boss:    音標:[bɔs] n.m. 工頭,領 ...
  • cake:    音標:[kεk]n.m. 繭子,胼胝 ...


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  1. On January 26, 2015 Cake Boss was renewed for two additional seasons.
  2. This vendor, Buddy, winds up having his own show, Cake Boss, 2 years later.
  3. The custom cake designed by Buddy Valastro of " Cake Boss " included a racetrack with moving cars and pinwheels.
  4. In America, TV shows such as Cake Boss or Amazing Wedding Cakes have become popular and are trending in today s popular culture.
  5. Roberts made an appearance on TLC's reality series " Cake Boss ", receiving a cake for his 90th birthday.
  6. His Supervising Producer role across UK / EMEA co-productions includes shows such as X-Factor Australia and Cake Boss USA for Discovery.
  7. This location offers Carlo's Bakery's smaller baked goods, as well as bakery and " Cake Boss " merchandise.
  8. Mayor Robert Romano initially ordered a custom cake from Buddy Valastro of Carlo's Bake Shop in TLC reality television series " Cake Boss ".
  9. On an episode of " Cake Boss ", Buddy and his bakers visited Sesame Street, and Danny could be seen inside Oscar's Trash Can.
  10. On National Train Day May 8, 2010 in New York Penn Station, the cast of " Cake Boss " presented a special cake to Amtrak for the event.


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