call charge的中文翻譯

發音:   用"call charge"造句
  • call:    call 叫;尋呼
  • charge:    音標:[∫arʒ] 動詞變位提示:c ...
  • call:    call叫;尋呼


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  1. This method avoids call charge and uses discreet codes to convey messages.
  2. -- International calls charged by the second, after the first minute.
  3. And call charges on the handyphone are about half those for cellular phones.
  4. "This will reduce the long-distance call charges for ours customers in each region.
  5. Any mobile phone call charges are automatically deducted from the value of the card.
  6. Additionally, savings on call charges are made on international calls.
  7. Once the building is done, analysts say, it's likely call charges will be cheaper.
  8. Telekom clears the air on backdated call charges, BUSINESS TIMES
  9. How was Telekom able to arrive at my December local call charges in March?
  10. Telephone companies closed mixed after a judge barred a government-ordered increase in local call charges.


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