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  • corridor:    音標:[kɔridɔr] n. 通過 ...
  • corridor:    音標:[kɔridɔr]n. 通過( ...
  • capitol hill:    國會山美國國會大廈


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  1. It supports Amtrak California and the " Capitol Corridor ".
  2. He was previously a member Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Board.
  3. These companies do not often leave the same deep footprint in the Capitol corridors.
  4. The eastern terminus of the " Capitol Corridor " is in Colfax.
  5. Gore told reporters in a Capitol corridor.
  6. Capitol Corridor trains operate between Sierra Nevada.
  7. There are also delays on Amtrak's Capitol Corridor route from Roseville to San Jose.
  8. Out in a Capitol corridor, a building guard happily passed some time telling lawyer jokes.
  9. Politics as usual is alive and well in the Capitol corridors; it has just changed partisan identity.
  10. The train was run using " Capitol Corridor " equipment . 500 fans total rode the train.


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