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  1. "` Incident at Los Voraces'shook the CBS building to its very foundations,"
  2. He became an expert in Vatican affairs and lectured students visiting Rome from the rooftop of the CBS building.
  3. On September 25, 1957, the group entered CBS Building in New York City to record five songs.
  4. He went up to the 52nd floor of the CBS building where they had to wrestle him to the ground.
  5. He designed the concrete structural system for Eero Saarinen's CBS Building in Manhattan, among many other celebrated buildings.
  6. Each year he seemed to alight at the CBS building as if he had stepped off a spaceship visiting from another plant.
  7. They weren't around when buildings like the Ford Foundation, the Guggenheim Museum, the CBS Building and Lever House were new.
  8. Joel's label was headquartered on 52nd Street ( in the CBS Building ) at the time of the album's release.
  9. She was directed to meet a news crew atop the CBS Building in Midtown Manhattan, where she would go live in three hours.
  10. The studio in which " 52nd Street " was recorded was also on 52nd Street, a block away from the CBS Building.


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