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  1. Trisong Detsen was infuriated, and exiled Murug to Changtang.
  2. The Changtang Nature Reserve includes most of the Chinese portion of the plateau.
  3. Trisong Detsen was angered, exiled Murug to Changtang.
  4. He was caned in public then exiled to Changtang.
  5. As of 1989 there were half a million nomads living in the Changtang area.
  6. For administrative purposes, the Ladakh settlement is divided into two, Sonamling and Changtang.
  7. Takdra Lukhong refused to carry out this order, and was caned in public then exiled to Changtang.
  8. With his help, Trisong Detsen purged his regent Mashang Drompakye, and exiled Nganlam Takdra Lukhong to Changtang.
  9. Only a small part of Changtang crosses the border into Ladakh, in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir.
  10. As in the rest of Ladakh, Changtang has been experiencing many socio-economical developments since the late twentieth century.


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