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  1. In September, Cirrus des Aigles contested his first Group race.
  2. Two weeks later, Cirrus des Aigles was matched against Nathaniel.
  3. At the Cartier Racing Awards, Cirrus des Aigles was named European Champion Older Horse.
  4. The British colt Hillstar finished third ahead of the French-trained favourite Cirrus des Aigles.
  5. The other beaten horses included Free Eagle, Cirrus des Aigles, and Ruler of the World.
  6. Novellist the 13 / 2 fourth choice in the betting behind Cirrus des Aigles, Trading Leather and Hillstar.
  7. Cirrus des Aigles returned to the racecourse on 4 October when he attempted to win the Prix Dollar for a fourth time.
  8. Starting a 25 / 1 outsider he was never in contention and finished eleventh of the twelve runners behind Cirrus des Aigles.
  9. As a gelding, Cirrus des Aigles is ineligible to compete in several important European races including the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe.
  10. Cirrus des Aigles was sent into training with Corine Barande-Barbe at Chantilly, but proved to be almost unmanageable and was gelded in March 2008.


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