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  • 90:    quatre-vingt-dix
  • the class:    三年二班
  • t-90:    T-90主戰坦克


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  1. Three Class 90s were repainted in First ScotRail livery with EWS logos.
  2. The Class 90 was the first new locomotive to carry InterCity Swallow livery.
  3. The original allocated locomotives were the Class 90 introduced in the late 1980s.
  4. Traction became more mixed following the arrival of British Rail Class 90s in 1988.
  5. Many Class 90 locomotives have received names.
  6. The Class 90s'reliability improved and the borrowed locos were returned to their owners.
  7. Class 90s to cover for Class 91s; one was repainted in GNER livery but not dedicated to the franchise.
  8. The Class 90 locomotives won the Silver Spanner award for InterCity rolling stock at the Annual National Rail Awards 2009.
  9. The first day of the new franchise saw two Class 90 locomotives unveiled in the company's new livery.
  10. The carriages were painted in FirstGroup's corporate blue, pink and white livery as were three Class 90s.


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