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  1. The project reached the prototype stage, with the introduction of three Class 91.
  2. The line was frequented with classes 91.
  3. The influence is strongest with the Class 91 locos which took many features from the APT powercars.
  4. Diesel-electric locomotives were classed from Class 31 up, diesel-hydraulic locomotives as Class 91.
  5. Class 90s to cover for Class 91s; one was repainted in GNER livery but not dedicated to the franchise.
  6. Various classes of multiple units have been used, including NSB Class 86, NSB Class 87 and NSB Class 91.
  7. Passenger use continued on the ECML until 5 March 1989, a week before the Class 91s entered service on the diagrams.
  8. Two Class 91 units have been preserved by the Norwegian Railway Club, one on the Kr鴇eren Line and one at Marienborg.
  9. The Class 91s began passenger service on 3 March 1989 when 91001 worked 1P26 17.36 London Kings Cross to Peterborough train.
  10. Similar BR Class 91 Driving Van Trailer ( DVT ) used on the ECML differ by being fully equipped for high-speed train control.


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