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  • common:    朗尼·拉希德·林恩
  • information:    音標:[ɛ̃fɔrmasjɔ̃] n ...
  • model:    模型


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  1. Schemas include the Structure of Management Information, Common Information Model, and MTOSI amongst others.
  2. In the . NET framework, the ManagementClass class represents a Common Information Model ( CIM ) management class.
  3. ESMF metadata packages are based on community conventions including the Climate and Forecast Metadata Conventions and the METAFOR Common Information Model.
  4. By building these encodings on a common information model, the GeoRSS collaboration is promoting interoperability and " upwards-compatibility " across encodings.
  5. These standards include IEC 61850 which is an architecture for substation automation, and IEC 61970 / 61968  the Common Information Model ( CIM ).
  6. The core of the Avanti approach to a project's whole life cycle was based on team working and access to a common information model.
  7. The core of the Avanti approach to a project's whole life cycle was based on team-working and access to a common information model.
  8. This specification also provides standard mappings of the model to the CIM / Common Information Model ( CIM ) and the SNMP Management Information Base ( MIB ).
  9. It produces XML output complies with the Metafor Common Information Model ( CIM ), allowing tools and services developed using the CIM to be applied to the questionnaire outputs.
  10. The IEC 61968 series of standards extend the Common Information Model ( CIM ), which is currently maintained as a UML model, to meet the needs of electrical distribution.


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