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  1. The compiler generates either . NET CIL ( Common Intermediate Language ).
  2. The C # compiler produces Common Intermediate Language instructions.
  3. For a general introduction see Common Intermediate Language.
  4. Cosmos encompasses an AOT compiler named IL2CPU to translate Common Intermediate Language ( CIL ) into native instructions.
  5. The Mono compiler generates an image that conforms to the CLS . This is the Common Intermediate Language.
  6. I know that when using Visual Studio it is compiled into the . NET Common Intermediate Language and not machine code.
  7. Ngen pre-compiles ( or " pre-JITs " ) bytecode in a Common Intermediate Language image into machine native code.
  8. In implementation, all . NET programming languages share the same runtime engine, uniform abstract syntax tree, and Common Intermediate Language.
  9. All compatible languages compile to Common Intermediate Language ( CIL ), which is an intermediate language that is abstracted from the platform hardware.
  10. "' SharpOS AOT "'is an AOT compiler that is written using a Common Intermediate Language compliant language ( SharpOS specifically.


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