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  1. Computed radiography ( CR ) is often distinguished from Direct Radiography ( DR ).
  2. Indirect digital imaging ( also termed Computed Radiography ) utilizes a reusable plate in place of the film.
  3. It has recently been superseded due to the replacement of film with computed radiography or direct digital radiography detectors.
  4. In computed radiography systems it the size of the laser used to read the phosphor plate in the cassette reader.
  5. In modern hospitals, a PSP plate is used for X-ray imaging in place of the photographic plate, in a process called computed radiography.
  6. Film-screen radiography is being replaced by computed radiography ( CR ) but more recently by digital radiography ( DR ) and the EOS imaging.
  7. "Our digital portfolio is gaining wider acceptance in commercial and consumer markets, " Carp said, citing Kodak's higher market share in computed radiography and consumer digital cameras.
  8. It uses a Picture Archiving and Communication Systems ( PACS ) and modalities such as CT, MR, and Computed Radiography ( x-ray ) devices for image capture.
  9. As of March 1, 2010, 62 % of facilities in the United States and its territories have at least one FFDM unit . ( The FDA includes computed radiography units in this figure .)
  10. "' Computed radiography ( CR ) "'; This resembles the old analogue system of a light sensitive film sandwiched between two x-ray sensitive screens, the difference being the analogue film has been replaced by an imaging plate, which records the image to be read by an image reading device, which transfers the image usually to a Picture archiving and communication system ( PACS)


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