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  • confession:    音標:[kɔ̃fεsjɔ̃] n.f ...
  • pain:    音標:[pɛ̃] m. 面包;食糧, ...
  • confession:    音標:[kɔ̃fεsjɔ̃]n.f. ...


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  1. She also collaborated with famous Japanese actor Takeshi Kaneshiro in " Confession of Pain ".
  2. They re-teamed again for the 2006 film " Confession of Pain ", once again re-teaming with " Infernal Affairs " star Tony Leung Chiu-Wai.
  3. ""'Confession of Pain " "'is a 2006 Hong Kong crime drama film directed by Andrew Lau and Tony Leung, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Shu Qi and Xu Jinglei.
  4. The album's title track " Secret " was used as the theme song for Hong Kong film " Confession of Pain " . www . confessionofpain . com Hamasaki attended the movie premiere in Hong Kong.
  5. In 2007 Monahan was hired to work on two film projects : an adaptation of the Hong Kong film " Confession of Pain " and an original rock and roll film, " The Long Play ".
  6. The company has distributed over 120 domestic and foreign films, including " Confession of Pain ", " Initial D ", and " Dragon Tiger Gate ", generating over RMB 1 billion ( approximately US $ 130 million ) in box office revenue, capturing over 20 % of the overall market share for five years running.
  7. He further comments on Dylan's singing by saying that " there's never a moment in the song, despite the little digs and the confessions of pain, when you can't hear the love in his voice . " Williams also contends that a central theme of the song is the power that the woman described in the lyrics has over Dylan, as evidenced by the lines " I was hungry and it was your world ."
  8. That year saw the success of " Infernal Affairs " a crime thriller that the largest ensemble cast of any Hong Kong film that year . " Infernal Affairs " became a huge box-office success in Hong Kong, even being deemed as a " box-office miracle " at a time when Hong Kong cinema was said to have been lacking in creativity . " Infernal Affairs " also marked the first of several collaborations with co-director Initial D " and " Confession of Pain ".


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