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  1. "Eoconfuciusornis " was assigned to the Confuciusornithidae.
  2. The humerus was large and bore holes, apparently to save weight, as in the Confuciusornithidae.
  3. "' Confuciusornithidae "'is a family of primitive birds from the early Cretaceous Period of China.
  4. While rarely used by palaenthologists today, the term was revived by the ornithologists Livezey and Zusi in 2007, for a group comprising Archaeopterygidae and the Confuciusornithidae.
  5. It is now apparent that at least the main evolutionary lineages of modern bird families already existed at the end of the Cretaceous, albeit they were somewhat marginal compared to the dominant, earlier groups of birds such as Enantiornithes and Confuciusornithidae.
  6. There are two main types of pygostyle : one, found in Confuciusornithidae, Enantiornithes, and some other Mesozoic birds, as well as in some oviraptorosaurs like " Nomingia ", is long and rod-or downy fuzz and sometimes 2-4 central " streamers " such as those found in some specimens of " Confuciusornis " or in " Paraprotopteryx ".


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