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  1. However, Sather supported both covariance and contravariance.
  2. The mathematically precise way this happens is detailed at covariance and contravariance of vectors.
  3. See also Covariance and contravariance of vectors.
  4. Contravariance captures the physical intuition behind the idea that a vector has " magnitude and direction ".
  5. :The connoisseurs will undoubtedly point out that I have played a bit loose with the covariance and contravariance.
  6. :Covariance and contravariance ( computer science ) is the Wikipedia article about this, though it could stand improvement.
  7. In some advanced contexts, a row and a column vector have different meaning; see covariance and contravariance of vectors.
  8. The distinction between covariance and contravariance is particularly important for computations with tensors, which often have "'mixed variance " '.
  9. On the other hand, programmers often find contravariance unintuitive, and accurately tracking variance to avoid runtime type errors can lead to complex typing rules.
  10. In tensor analysis, superscripts are used instead of subscripts to distinguish covariant from contravariant entities, see covariance and contravariance of vectors and raising and lowering indices.


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